About project

SIC!, which is abbrevation for Super Inexpensive Cart, is a smart cartridge designed for the 8-bit Atari, running on flash memory.
It combines the functions of a standard cartridge and a flash programmer. It can be used as a multicart,
where you can put a whole bunch of your favourite game, demos etc.
Other uses include using the SIC! to load SpartaDOS X onto it, or being able to program a TOS chip for the Atari ST/E.
The cartridge supports 1-, 2- and 4-megabits "5V" flash memory in a DIP enclosure (suitable for 128, 256 and 512 kilobytes).
The latest version called "SIC!+" has on it's PCB place for two 4 Mbit PLCC flash memories, making it a total of 1024KB.


Reponsible crew:

  • Stryker - idea, testing
  • Candle - project, coding (SIC! Cartridge Generator), idea, testing
  • Pr0be - coding (SIC! Menu, loader)
  • KMK (drac030) - coding (SIC! Flasher, SIC! Dump, SDX Upgrade), testing
  • Ooz - graphics
  • Trub - coding (SDX Upgrade, fixes for SIC! Menu), testing
  • Dely - cartridge label, website
  • and other folks who did more or less for the project:
  • Piesiu, Kaz, stRing, Seban, X-Ray, Miker, Zenon, Azbest

Support the project

If you find the cartridge interesting and you appreciate our work and want to support this project,
you can make a donation with any amount of money.
The collected money will be spend on running ftp.pigwa.net server (which hosts this page),
for "beverages" for creators of the cart and to sponsor cartridges in various Atari-oriented competitions.
You can choose service you want and click on particular links below: buycoffee, Patronite, Patreon, PayPal.
We also invite you to support "DLT team", which is responsible for developing SDX project.
Password for .zip archives is: "sic.mam.gratis"

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